Happy [Early] Birthday to Feather & Fawn Photography + Giveaways : Part 1


It’s hard to believe this year has flew by in a snap of a moment. I still remember one year ago, I was scared out of my mind for launching my own wedding photography business. Like seriously, who would want to hire me, a person who is new to the industry and probably never heard of before, as their photographer to document one of the most important milestone of their lives? The thought of chasing this newly found passion of wedding photography seems crazy, but yet so real and dear to my heart, as if it was something I’ve been missing for my entire life, and I finally found what excites my heart and soul on a deeper level. I knew I couldn’t just walk away from it. I drowned out the voice of “reasonable doubt”, took a leap of faith, and launched Feather & Fawn Photography, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!


I’m so grateful for the journey as a wedding photographer so far (which is not very far at all!), the paths that I’ve crossed with many creatives and fellow #ladybosses, and most importantly, the couples that trusted and shared the most important moments of their lives with me! To be able to captures precious and memorable moments of my couples is one of the greatest blessings as a wedding photographer. And to hear how much the photos mean to my couples, and how they will treasure them in the years to come, it makes all the hard work worth it! In case you can’t tell, I fell deeply in love with wedding photography! And I’m so grateful that I’m going to capture beautiful and meaningful moments for my couples of 2018!


To kick of the celebration of the FIRST birthday of Feather & Fawn Photography, there will be a series of giveaways for the next couple days. Check out my Instagram/Facebook posts for more information on how to enter!

P.S. – there will be a BIG giveaway coming next week, so make sure you stay tuned for Monday’s post!