Happy Birthday to Feather & Fawn Photography + Giveaways: Part 2


Okay guys, today is the day. It is the official first anniversary of Feather & Fawn Photography, and I’m so glad that you are here to celebrate with us! As some of you might know already, we are giving away a free engagement/anniversary session, along with a beautiful bouquet specially designed for you by Stem & Thistle! For details on how to enter, check out my latest Instagram post!

In light of the first year anniversary of Feather & Fawn Photography, I would like to share couple of my favorite moments that I was blessed to capture this year, whether it be during an engagement session or on a wedding day. I remember when I first started, my goal was to photograph people who look the prettiest on their wedding day. I just love taking pretty pictures! Slowly throughout the year, I realized I want something deeper in my photography, something that goes beyond just taking pretty pictures. I want to capture precious, meaningful, and beautiful moments. Moments that happened as people are getting together because of the stories they shared, the hardship they have gone through, and the love that have grown between them. I believe these moments will last forever as memories and should live for a life time in the forms of photographs. They will serve as reminders of why love is worth it even when life is hard.

I know I’ve said this many times already, but I’m truly grateful for all the clients that I worked with this year, and I’m excited to be working with more amazing clients next year! Cheers to the amazing Year 1 of Feather & Fawn Photography!

K&G Engagement-146.jpg