Linda & Brian || Brighton Dam Azalea Garden Engagement Session

When I first met Linda and Brian, there was something different about them. They are always talking about each other, smiling and laughing as they exchange glances. Their story began when they were still in high school, though their love didn't blossom until they worked together after graduation. Through many years of love and perseverance, Brian finally popped the questions last summer, and they are ready to tie the knot this coming September!

We met Linda, Brian, and their son, Aiden at Brighton Dam Azalea Garden. Though most of the Azaleas were knocked out by the rain just couple days before the session, we managed to find some intact and beautifully bloomed. Because Aiden is such a essential part of their story, we started with a mini-family session, and Aiden was literally the star! He's so adorable and funny, and he was literally making everyone laugh the whole time! Some of my favorites photos from this session were from this portion, and I just love how much joy was present at those moments!

Afterward, we transitioned to the engagement session with just Linda and Brian, roaming around the garden and enjoying the serene moments in between lines of beautiful Azalea bushes. We then discovered a rocky beach due to the moderate drought in Maryland. It was a beautiful and secluded location, as if we had hiked hundreds of miles away from the distractions of life! 

Thank you such a beautiful session, Linda and Brian, and Aiden! I can't wait until your wedding in September!