Linda & Matt || Glenview Mansion and Lab Cafe Engagement

Linda and Matt have one of the most interesting stories I've heard from my couples. Both of them were more or less pushed by their friends and family to try to meet more people through Coffee Meets Bagel. When Linda and Matt accepted their match and chatted over a couple of days, they decided to give each other a try and went on a date. They went to a cafe and chatted, and played Jenga, and they realize that they are very much alike - both are very competitive. And to this date, there is still a dispute over who won that very first game!

Linda felt a connection with Matt after their first date, and she wanted to see him again. But based on the "rules" of online dating, Linda thought that she was supposed to wait for Matt to ask for a second date, while Matt thought that he was supposed to wait a couple days before he talks to her again so that he wouldn't seem too desperate, even though in his heart he wanted to see Linda again! Finally, Linda decided to contact Matt and ask him why he hadn't contacted her, and Matt told her everything about the "rules", and Linda was impressed by his honesty and found Matt to be very funny. 

After a short period of dating and getting to know each other very well, Matt decided to make it officials since Linda is the one who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Throughout the proposal planning, Matt was very careful and making sure that it would be a surprise for Linda while getting her family and close friends involved as well. The night before he planned to pop the question, Matt was chatting with Linda about dinner plan for the next day online and sharing screens, not realizing that another chat box was open at the same time. The chat box was a conversation with his family, and you guessed it right, about his proposal! Linda decided to pretend that she didn't see it, even though she was super flustered and excited for it. It wasn't until after she said yes that she told Matt about how he accidentally spilled the beans, and it turned out to be one of the many great stories that they will be retelling for the rest of their lives! 

We went to Glenview Mansion for the formal portion of the engagement session. Although the weather was not cooperative with the cold temperature and wind, it didn't stop Linda and Matt from so much joy and laughter throughout. Matt is the master of making Linda laughs, and they are just so much fun to hang out with and photograph! We then went to Lab Cafe in Rockville to hang out over bubble tea and Jenga, just like their first date. It was such a beautiful space, with a lot of cute decorations, and of course, absolutely delicious bubble tea!

Thank you so much for such a fun-filled session, Linda and Matt! I can't wait for your wedding this coming May!