Judith & Joshua

Feather & Fawn Photography earned each and every single one of the 5 stars I rated them. Being on a smaller budget, their quality of service was the absolute best I could find for the price point! Angel is so affordable when you consider everything she provides. She responded to my initial inquiry very quickly and set up a meeting right away. She came to meet us at a nearby cafe and immediately offered to buy us a drink! We loved the way she made us feel comfortable from the start and I have yet to find someone as accommodating as she is! Every single question during the process was answered and she even offered her help for things completely unrelated to the engagement/wedding photos! The way she went above and beyond truly made her business shine and stand out among the others!

During our engagement photo shoot, we were nervous in front of the camera but Angel gave us clear directions on how to pose and constantly made us laugh resulting in beautiful candid photos! By then end- I felt like I'd just been on a really fun date! It seemed like it couldn't get any better but Angel really outdid herself at our wedding! My day was so stress-free because Angel and her second shooter ( who also happens to be her awesome husband Jeff). They were very kind but firm in giving directions to my friends and family for photos which resulted in us sticking to our timeline without any worries! It's been over a month now and I still get comments from friends about how blessed I was to have a photographer like Angel who helped the day go smoothly and gave us some of the most beautiful wedding photos they had seen! Tears came to my eyes when I saw the emotion-filled photos Angel captured and I cannot thank her enough for giving me a way to remember my wedding day forever. 

So look no further, Feather & Fawn Photography will not let you down if you choose them to be your wedding/engagement photographer!

Catherine & Roy

I had such a wonderful time working with Angel for both my engagement photos and wedding photos. I would strongly recommend her to any couple looking for a photographer. 

We are not picture people - we are awkward and dorky and camera-unfriendly. But Angel was so warm and helpful and flexible - she gave enough guidance to help us understand what we should do without being so prescriptive as to make it awkward, which I think can be a hard balance to strike. 

She was very understanding with our family. We come from multi-ethnic backgrounds and have both older folks and kiddos in our respective families. She was respectful and thoughtful and understanding of navigating specific needs and requests throughout the day. 

She was really positive and encouraging. On the day of, a million things went wrong (inevitably). But she was gracious and kind and totally flexible for every hurdle. It was fantastic not only not to have to worry about her - but to have her as an accommodating, encouraging ally through the day. 

Finally - and this was a point for us - we found Angel to be a total value, extremely competitively priced, especially for the quality of service and product. Like many couples, cost was a real factor for us and we feel really lucky that we found her. 

I would strongly recommend Angel + Feather & Fawn to any couple!



Carmen & Stephen

Angel was undoubtedly the best wedding photographer anyone could ever ask for! As my fiancé and I at the time did not know what we were in for as we began our journey to choose our vendors, we came across Angel’s Instagram (if you haven’t done so, check her out!). Before we knew it, we were sitting in front of Angel, telling her our story, as she was genuinely curious and immediately made us feel very comfortable. We knew right after our meeting, that Angel had to be our photographer. Like most couples, price plays a factor in choosing a vendor, and Feather and Fawn Photography is not only affordable for the DMV area, but provides wonderful customer service, flexibility, and professionalism.

During our engagement photo-shoot, and with both myself and my fiancé not entirely sure of knowing what to do, Angel stepped right in and guided us through the entire shoot. Once we were done at the first location, she had more ideas for other spots to take more shots, and during our way to said locations, we improvised and found additional locations for awesome shots! The engagement photo session was so much! As two shy people, Angel helped us to feel much more comfortable in front of the camera.

On the day of our wedding, Angel and her second shooter showed up earlier than expected. They both got right to shooting and knew exactly where to go and what to shoot. They were well synchronized and when we saw them at work, it truly made both of us feel at ease knowing that we were in more than great hands. Angel was not only our photographer on that day, but she was also a great friend! She checked on us to make sure that everything was okay, and helped to fix some things that didn’t go as planned. She was a life saver!

We could not be happier with our gut instincts with Angel. All the best and we wish we could do it all over again, as she was so wonderful to work with. Enjoy this adventure and believe in Angel, as you go through the process. She in phenomenal! Thank you so much, Angel!

When we say that Angel is the best photographer anyone could have ever asked for, not only is her work amazing, she knows how the wedding process works, how the human mind works during a wedding, and genuinely is a people person, which cannot be taught. Book Angel of Feather and Fawn Photographer now!

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