Benita & Matt || San Francisco Engagement Session


I finally got around to share this stunning engagement session at San Francisco by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This session was extra extra special for several reasons - this couple is dear friends of mine from my church who moved to California not too long ago; the whole session was shot on film with my dandy Pentax 645nii; and this session was featured on the Trendy Bride blog, which was one of my dream goals in 2018! To say that this is the best post to wrap up 2018 is an understatement!

Benita and Matt met when they were in college at the University of Maryland, but their relationship didn't blossom until they both started working in the finance industry in New York City. Knowing fully that she would eventually venture out to the West Coast, Benita was taking active steps to secure an amazing career opportunity at Google in San Francisco, while Matt was also looking to relocate to the same city, as he knows that wants to be with her. When everything has settled in San Francisco and both of them started working in the Bay Area, Matt figured it was time to pop the question! 

For their engagement session, we picked the Baker Beach at San Francisco, which has the stunning Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop. With the notorious "Karl the Fog" spontaneous tendency in the San Francisco area, we were in luck when the sun came out and the fog receded a bit, covering only part of the Golden Gate Bridge and revealed bridge structure in bright red against the blue sky. This iconic location represents the steps that they have taken in order to be with each other and the life that they are about to start together as a couple!

Film Scan: Photovision