Anniversary Trip || New Orleans

My husband and I loved eating. We always up to try new food at new places. When we went on our honeymoon, we went to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, all because of the food that these amazing places have to offer! For our 1st year anniversary (it went by in a blink of the eyes!), we decided to go somewhere a bit low key, yet filled with delicious food. That's when we decided we wanted to pay New Orleans a visit. 

I knew nothing about the city prior to visiting, but by watching numerous series of food on Netflix and Youtube, I knew New Orleans has some of the most amazing and affordable food. Sadly, we were too busy eating and didn't really snap a lot of pictures of all the delicious food we ate, but I did used my latest toy - Nikon F100 along with some FujiPro400h and Portra400 film - to snap some highlights of the trip, which were scanned by the FindLab, which a whole another new and exciting experience for me! 

New Orleans has tons of history, and you can literally see them everywhere! From all of the colorful facade of buildings, to the St. Louis Cathedral, or Jackson Square and the French Quarter, or even the trees along the street side, everything looks unique and have special characters. There were two places in particular that really got our hearts and appetites - Cafe Amelie and Cafe du Monde. Cafe Amelie is housed in a historic courtyard and townhouse, after the mother of the first American Princess of Monaco. The beautiful and quiet courtyard is definitely a breath of fresh air in the midst of the French Quarter, tastefully decorated with lush trees and bushes, along with sophisticated water fountain and stone statue. And of course, it has delicious brunch, and their pasta is one of the best that I've eaten! 

I first heard about Cafe du Monde when I was watching Chef on Netflix. The delicious beignets left a mark in my mind. When we walked into the original shop at French Quarter, I noticed that it looks slightly different, as they had renovated since the hurricane Katrina. The cafe has been there since the 1800's, serving a special blend of coffee called the chicory and eventually, the delicious beignets. This might sound crazy, but we actually went to Cafe du Monde 3 times over the 4 days that we were in New Orleans. That's how much we liked that place! Although they only have coffee, orange juice, and beignets, it was such a relaxing experience to sit down, enjoy the coffee and beignets, and people-watch, not to mention there is usually some sort of live entertainment going on the street!

There are so many other foods that should be mentioned as well - charbroiled oysters (OMG!), different kinds of po' boy, fried chicken and beans and rice, pralines, daiquiris in a sippy cup, gumbo, étouffée - we thoroughly enjoyed all of them. If you ever got a chance, you should definitely visit New Orleans and eat everything that smells good!

Special thanks to my couple, Catherine and Newton, the real foodies, who gave us so many tips on where to get the best food!