Deven & Vince || Romantic Summer Picnic Elopement Inspiration


The raining, the humidity, and the temperature - summer is certainly in full swing, and I figured it's fitting to share this romantic summer picnic elopement inspiration shoot with an amazing vendor team! This stunning inspiration shoot was also featured on Whimsically Wed!

We had a quite miserable winter and spring this year, and I was really looking forward to summer to come. That longing ended up becoming the essence of this inspiration shoot! I imagined a warm summer day for my couple, who enjoyed a quiet afternoon picnic after they shared an intimate elopement and personal vows. A simple yet sophisticated picnic was set up for them, with beautiful and elegant floral and greenery, a basket filled with the picnic essentials - bread, plates, and wine!! - and a historic backdrop of Glenview Mansion in Rockville added a classy and romantic flair to the occasion. 

When the shoot involves a picnic, of course food was a big part of it! From the classic antipasti plate (I mean, cheese and cured meat, what's not to love!!) to mini cheesecake from Wegman, I wish I was the one eating all of the food (though Deven and Vince did share :)), and I even made strawberry champagne jello as part of the dessert (feel free to DM me if you'd like the recipe!) because what's not to celebrate of these lovebirds!

Speaking of them, Deven and Vince are the testaments of a one and a half decades of love! If there's one thing that I learned from photographing them, it's that by the time you've been together for 15 years, you will know each other so well to the point that even the slightest of facial expressions can convey many words. And the love and passion for each other only grow deeper and deeper, and you connect on a deeper level beyond words, physical actions, or even emotion expressions. I was so grateful and honored to be able to see and capture these moments, their interactions, and many smiles and loving gazes!

This picnic and elopement inspiration is meant to showcase that sometimes the expression of love can be really simple yet romantic, that romance doesn't have to break a bank yet still be tasteful (no pun intended!), that true love can stand the test of time!

Finally, I'm so thankful for the amazing vendor team who made this possible! Thank you for seeing my vision and working so hard to make this happen! Also, thank you for letting me boss you around! It wouldn't have come together so beautifully without your help! 


Creative Direction & Photography: Feather & Fawn Photography

Floral Design: Lavender & Willow

Planning: Surely Yours Events

Bridal Jewelry: Lindsay Marie Designs

Calligraphy: Peach + Paperie

Makeup & Hair: Priscilla M Beauty

Bridal Boutique: Couture by Posh Bridal